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Originally Posted by dragoon500ly View Post
With the cover story of the Soldier Meadow Mine, the Project set about the construction of Prime Base.

The mine itself was buried at the northeastern point of the ridge (were the Mission Complex is placed on the Prime base Module map). There is no direct connection between the mine and Prime Base (they are separated by over 500 feet of untouched rock).

Prime base consists of three three-mile long tunnels, placed one above the over (separated by 50 feet of rock/reinforced concrete) with the upper tunnel some 200 feet below the surface of the ridge. These tunnels have short tunnels running to the left and right of the main tunnel, leading to rectangular "warehouses".

Tunnel One (uppermost) is the munitions tunnel with the northern end dedicated to munitions and the southern end to bulk weapons storage. There are two small tunnels running towards the surface. The first leads to a Weather Exposure Module and the second to a Electronics Exposure Module.

The Weather EM is hidden underneath blast doors on the top of the 5,138 foot peak. Once activated, a variety of monitoring equipment can be raised and lowered as necessary.

The Electronics EM is located under a second set of blast doors on the top of the 5,177 foot peak. Located here is an aerial search radar, and several antennas for monitoring AM/FM bands as well as satellite dishes.

Tunnel Two (middle) is bulk equipment and vehicle storage.

Tunnel Three (lower) is bulk material storage for the workshops of Prime Base.

At the southern end of the ridge (the original Prime Base location) are eight tunnels, each running some 800 yards in length and some 300 yards in width with 20 foot ceilings. and stacked one above the other.
200 feet deep isn't really that deep, so I would definitely go deeper. I'd say anything less than 1000 feet isn't deep enough.

How much munitions are you needing a three mile tunnel seems to be able to hold a lot more than you need.

I'm wrestling with your housing scheme, but am not sure what would work or would not work. This is one where there are a lot of ways to do this. I think the original idea of the towers had a very positive psychological impact on the residents. I'm pretty sure the easiest way to go would be "trailers in tunnels" but I really think that would be a terrible way to live. I do think the "cooling tower" shape is all wrong, but that the "high rise" idea might not be terrible, depending upon how they are built.
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