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Originally Posted by tsofian View Post
200 feet deep isn't really that deep, so I would definitely go deeper. I'd say anything less than 1000 feet isn't deep enough.

How much munitions are you needing a three mile tunnel seems to be able to hold a lot more than you need.

I'm wrestling with your housing scheme, but am not sure what would work or would not work. This is one where there are a lot of ways to do this. I think the original idea of the towers had a very positive psychological impact on the residents. I'm pretty sure the easiest way to go would be "trailers in tunnels" but I really think that would be a terrible way to live. I do think the "cooling tower" shape is all wrong, but that the "high rise" idea might not be terrible, depending upon how they are built.
1000' is kind of overkill. If we assume you are at least a good KM outside of the fireball, 50' is probably enough to keep everyone safe. 200' is a nice safety margin.

I did a quick model of one of the 3 mile long tunnels and came with with about 17 acres of warehouse space with 20m of rock separating each one and placing HVAC and fire suppression stations distributed along the length at about 1 mile each to support the in warehouse units. Make it three and we have a lot of hardware in those tunnels.

I didn't look at the habitat closely yet, so I will reserve comments on that part.
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